Enterprise Honor

Jan.2023 - Duality Biologics is awarded as Suzhou City 2022 'Unicorn'  Cultivation Enterprise.

Potential unicorns refer to innovative enterprises with characteristics such as strong innovation ability, fast growth rate and high development potential, which are the wind vane of the city's innovation vitality and industrial ecology and an important force leading industrial changes in the new economic track.


Nov.2022 - Duality Biologics is awarded as Jiangsu Province 2022 Potential 'Unicorn' Enterprise.

Unicorn enterprises are characterized by high technology content, strong profitability, new industrial models, and high development potential, which are important wind vane of new economic development and a centralized embodiment of regional innovation and entrepreneurial ability.


Duality Bio is already on the list by Four Core Strengths.

  • The internationally leading ADC technical platform with independent intellectual property rights

  • The strategy of gradient target with a high success rate of rescearch and development

  • The strategy of clinical variance with a rapid progress of pipeline

  • The core team has a wealth of experience in research and development of ADC and efficiency in implementation